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Airllen Air Suspension FULL KIT | $3,000

Airllen Air Suspension FULL KIT | $3,000

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This is a complete Airllen Air Suspension Kit for your Vehicle. It comes with everything you need to complete your air suspension installation. Please leave a purchase note of what make and model you are purchasing for.


Kit includes:

  • 4x 32 Way Adjustable Damping Air Bag Struts with Camber Plates and Adjustable Lowering Plates
  • 1x 4 Gallon Air Tank
  • 1x 5G Air Suspension Controlling System
  • 2x 458C Silent Air Compressors
  • Includes all the lines, accessories and hardware to complete the installment


Please view our document for your vehicle's Make and Model. 

For any questions feel free to message on our Website or Email us!


  • For non-artificial damage, non-secondary disassembly products, non-fragile and consumable parts, Airllen provides a one-year warranty and lifetime maintenance technical support.

  • The goods in stock will be shipped within 1-3 working days after the payment is settled; For non-stock goods or customized goods, please confirm the production time with our sales staff.

  • Worldwide shipping available. Provide different transportation methods such as air, sea, road and railway. You can also choose UPS, TNT, DHL, FEDEX and other express channels. For more options, please contact our sales staff.

  • Shipping takes 1-2 weeks by air, about 1-2 months by sea, road and railway. Different countries may differ. 

The Airllen Team is composed of a group of young people who love the car modification culture. The team officially started the development of the controller system in February 2010. From the initial simple switch button to the current digital remote control. The system has experienced hundreds of product upgrades and improvements.

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